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SHA Annual Meeting 2016

Annual Meeting
May 10-13, 2016
Host Springs Convention Center in
Hot Springs AR
Convention Center

President's Message

marks.jpgThe past 25+ years have simply vanished before my eyes.  It is difficult to imagine that so long ago my public health career began.  Where have the years gone?  The one commodity we need above all others is time.  Time is something that cannot be bought but is certainly spent.  How and where we spend our time is of utmost importance.  Where may we spend our time to get the most out of it?  Are we pursuing worthwhile goals?  Will the results of our time influence the lives of others in a positive way?  For most of us, we have definitive answers to all of the above questions.  Perhaps, our answers are what we would like them to be and not what they are at present.  The good news is that time affords us the chance to try again.

Public health affords the opportunity to spend our time in one of the noblest pursuits imaginable.  I have seen the difference public heath makes in offering hope to those who need it most.  Whether it is the implementation of programs that our various members participate in to promote proper nutrition or perhaps early detection programs that enable individuals to overcome the obstacles placed before them. At the very least, public health assists in empowering hard working families to make informed healthy decisions.   

The public health community has the ability to come together and affect change for the betterment of the citizens that we serve.  The Southern Health Association gives public health professionals a vehicle through which to speak with one voice.   A voice, that I envision, resonating beyond the boundaries of our current geographical areas into the nation as a whole.  I hope that if you are not a member of the Southern Health Association you will consider becoming one.  If you are a member we thank you for standing with us and I am confident together we will stay the course.  Let us spend our time wisely and may we always remember once it is spent we never get it back again.

Mark Hensley

To serve as the regional advocate for public health and for the development and growth of its leadership.

To foster and stimulate a greater degree of scientific effort in the protection and improvement of public health, and to bring about better understanding, integration and promotion of public health service.

Southern Health Update

SHA publishes a newsletter three times a year which is sent to all individual,fellow, retiree, student, contributing and associate members. Members are encouraged to contribute articles for publication. 

In addition to articles relating to SHA, the Southern Health "Update" also includes a section on what's going on in the various states in the region, state affiliate association news, and a consumer news section.
Editor: Jan Cooke
Managing Editor: Sandra Whittle

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